Akademikliniken Pure Berry Toner 50 ml

Akademikliniken Pure Berry Toner 50 ml
Kategoriat: Hivenaineet, Aloe Verat
Brand: Akademikliniken
Size: 50
13.5 EUR

A refreshing and moisturizing facial toner that gives the skin an optimal protection against free radicals. Pure Berry Toner is filled with natural and beneficial antioxidants from raspberry, grapes and pomegranate that effectively prevents premature aging and rehydrates. Fine lines and un- even skin tone will be refined by glucosamine, stimulating peptides and vitamin C. Aloe vera, allantoin and Sodium PCA helps to soothe, calm and rehydrate the face throughout the day. Pro- moting a more refined and lustrous complexion. Use: Spray Pure Berry Toner over cleansed face, neck and chest. Follow with your serum and moisturizer. Use morning and night, and/or during the day. Spritz when your skin feels dry or when exposed to drying environment. 50ml Akademikliniken Pure Berry Toner 50 ml