Artdeco Lip Filler Base

Artdeco Lip Filler Base
Kategoriat: Hivenaineet, Aloe Verat
Brand: Artdeco
Color: Ljus
Size: 2
16.9 EUR

Perfectly prime your lips for makeup! The Lip Filler Base makes lipstick last longer and feel more comfortable on the lips. It stops lipstick from bleeding and smearing. The creamy, velvety texture contains fine microbeads that “fill in” fine lines. The natural translucent shade enhances the vibrancy of any lipstick color without distorting it. The formula contains precious natural waxes that protect the lips against moisture loss without leaving an oily film. Aloe vera, shea butter, and precious plant oils smoothly nourish the lips. Create a beautiful everyday lip with the Lip Filler Base! The most important ingredients and their effects: - Aloe vera and shea butter have a moisturizing effect - Plant oils provide rich nourishmentHow to:Before lipstick, apply a thin layer of the Lip Filler Base to the lips and slightly beyond the lip line. Then apply lipstick.2 g Artdeco Lip Filler Base